Inspector Services

Inspector Services

Home Inspections

A signature home inspection will examine all major systems and components in the house, identifying important factors to consider with …
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Radon Testing

Radon is an invisible, orderless, tasteless radioactive gas that is responsible for 21,000 deaths in America each year.  Radon is the …
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What We Do During Inspections

Structure & Foundation

From the foundation to the framing, we conduct an inspection of visible components for signs of major defects or non-performance.

Plumbing Systems

We’ll inspect your plumbing fixtures and fittings and perform functional flow and functional drainage tests to ensure that the system is performing properly.

Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning

We’ll inspect the physical condition of all systems and perform operational checks when it is safe to do so, depending on the season and outside temperature.

Property & Site

We inspect the home’s exterior, grounds, and attached structures to the home.

Electrical Systems

The inspectors conduct an examination of the service entrance, main disconnects, distribution panel, breakers, fuses, and a representative number of receptacles.

Roofs & Attics

We inspect shingles, flashings, and skylights to determine their condition.

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